About Us

As an agency that specializes in Music Distribution, Artist Promotions, and Marketing, we have advanced to the front of the line in an industry that demands a certain respect and level of attention from the players involved.

We strive to be the best in our respective industry and will never settle for anything less when it comes to helping to advance your career as an artist/musician!


Do you want to advance your career in the music industry? We would like to introduce you to this once in a lifetime opportunity with our Entertainment Agency, V SCONNEY ENTERTAINMENT MUSIC GROUP LLC'. For a total fee of $2500.00, beginning with your chose of full amount up front or $500.00 down and $500.00/month for the remaining 4 months following your initial payment, you will have access to our distribution team, as well as our branding/marketing department. We will also provide you with full access to our Merch Services, where you will be able to sell your Merch that our team creates for your and give something back to your fan base.
Advance My Music Career